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Rental Options



$400 - 2 hours 
$600 - 3 hours

$300/hour minimum of 2 hours in Huntington
minimum 3 hours outside of Huntington

Regardless of whether you rent our booth onsite or offsite, it comes with several of our well trained coaches and staff ready to run the booth. Our two-lane axe throwing booth is for those 18 years and older. The booth is ready to go from the beginning and we bring all of the supplies necessary. If you have any event that goes beyond Huntington, please call for additional travel pricing. *


Bethel Assembly of God Axe Throwing
Release & Waiver Of Liability, Assumption of Risk & Indemnity Agreement

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**any intoxicated person altered by alcohol or drugs will NOT be permitted to throw axes in our booth. Levels of intoxication shall be determined by our professional coaches.

**all participants will have to sign a liability and safety waiver in order to participate in this activity. Participants must also wear close toe shoes.

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